Five Minute Friday: Tree – Living and Playing

It’s Friday again and that can only mean one thing:  Yes, it’s time for Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday.  Five minutes of unedited writing inspired by a given word.  Today’s word is tree.

Here goes…


The mighty oak which towers above.  A sprouting seed creeping towards the sky, vulnerable to trampling feet and hungry teeth.


A 7 year old’s hiding place from an angry mother.  A cosy nook for a lonely owl or family of woodlice.


Nature’s own climbing frame. A place to swing and play.


A watchman for all time.  Through life, loves, wars. Change.


Homeless wildlife. Flattened Forests.  Paper scattered.


A new house.  A shopping centre.  Concrete jungles. 






8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Tree – Living and Playing

  1. Your writing is beautiful. We are in agreement over reading, schooling, feminism and life! Theo has added that his old oak tree smells of warmth and safety. Thanks for inspiring his imagination!

    • Thank you so much for reading; I’m so glad you enjoyed the posts. What lovely imagery Theo. I do think our senses are so powerful, creating and invoking such wonderful feelings.

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    • Thank you so much, that’s so kind. I was a bit worried about posting it actually as I literally set the timer, wrote for five minutes, pressed publish and dashed out. All day I was wracked with worry that it wasn’t going to make sense as I hadn’t had time to read it!

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