Five Minute Friday: Fly

How fast a week runs by.  It’s Friday again so here’s this week’s Five Minute Friday hosted by the marvelous Lisa Jo Baker.

The rules are simply to write for five minutes, unedited,  about a given word – then post.

This week’s word is….


For weeks it sits in the cupboard under the stairs, perhaps even months, just waiting.


The time is never right. It’s too wet, too cold, too still.

Finally, the day comes.  The wind is blowing, rushing through the sky, dancing with excitement as it waits for its new friend to play.

The string is unravelled, the body examined.  She holds on as long as she can, scared to let go, feeling the tug as it tries desperately to break free.

Eyes dart around the beach.  Others race through the air, exploring, prancing, soaring.

Yet, still she holds tight.

It could snap and fall.  Or escape, never to return as it skips towards the clouds.

Eventually, the pull is too strong.  And off it sails.  High above, smiling, laughing, thriving.

And she smiles too.  She laughs.  She watches. Proud.

He is my kite. Flying.


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  1. What a beautiful image. It reminds me of our lives… We can fall but when the time is right we can soar and fly like a beautiful kite!!! Visiting from Five Minute Friday! Thank you also for stopping by and following my blog!!! Many blessings, Natasha

  2. Incredible. I could write for 5 minutes but I would need to edit. A LOT.

    This would have been a fun one but I’d be fresh out of words as I already wrote about the fly (mosquito) that has been smooshed on my kitchen cabinet for months (okay, probably a year). You would make it sound interesting.

    Thanks for the Bloglovin follow, I followed you back. If you haven’t already, I’d love it if you linking up to my weekly Bloglovin linky (

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

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